Surfing and Yoga combo

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For all Surfers, interested in Yoga and for all Yogis willing to learn to surf and for all those who would like to try or already do both, Surfing and Yoga. You need comfort and pure bliss? You found just the right thing.
the waihi beach surf school together with megan from The Nourishing Lotus Yoga Shala have put together a special combo to promote the benefits of both yoga and surfing to work holistically together.

Sun, surfing, beach and Yoga – what a great combination. After the surf-sessions you relax and sooth your tense and tired muscled during our extended yoga sessions. You put your body and mind to rest and as your nose gets rid of the last nose-drippings you are mentally and physically ready for the next wave.

Our yoga classes are designed for everybody to experience there personal limits. A step-by-step introduction for Beginners with detailled explanations of the exercises ease the entry for newcomers. Also advanced Yogi will benefit from the courses through demanding variations and combinations. The Yoga-schedule is adjusted to the surf-course time-table.


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