Surf’s Up At Waihi Beach

Yes, it’s that time of the year again – summertime in New Zealand! We love this time of the year because we have such stunning beaches and we all love to flock towards the sea and make the most that summer has to offer.

The best part about summertime in New Zealand by far is the surf! You haven’t learned how to surf yet? Well, fear not, everyone here at Waihi Beach Surf School will equip you with absolutely everything and teach you all the skills you need to know!

Based at the north end of New Zealand’s Bay of Plenty, Waihi Beach is the ideal place and safest beach to learn how to surf. With summer coming it is absolutely the best time of the year to experience this idyllic piece of coastline.

We want you to experience firsthand the absolute delight and exhilaration of surfing for the first time and we can guarantee that when you take a surf lesson with us, you will be riding the waves and feeling the thrill that so many surfers have found at Waihi Beach. This whole 9km strip of beach is a fabulous spot for swimming and soaking up sunlight in a festive Kiwi atmosphere, which will keep you coming back year after year.


SUMMERS COMIN’ – Waihi Beach, NZ

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